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Ring sizes

Ring sizes

Ring sizes

If you have chosen a ring you like but do not know your ring size, the easiest way would be to:
1. Wrap a thread over your finger on which you will wear the ring. Wrap the thread tightly around the joint of the finger.
2. Measure the length of the thread (mm) - this will be the length of the circle of the ring.
3. Find your size in the table (it will only be approximate, only a master can measure it accurately)


Ring size mm 
Ring size14
Ring size14,5
Ring size15
Ring size15,5
Ring size16
Ring size16,5
Ring size17
Ring size17,5
Ring size18
Ring size18,5
Ring size19
Ring size19,5
Ring size20
Ring size20,5
Ring size21
Ring size21,5
Ring size22
Ring size22,5
Ring size23
Ring size23,5
Ring size24



Inner ring diameter, mmRing circumference length, mmRing size

Baltic countries, Germany, Russia, CIS

United Kingdom, Australia

USA, CanadaJapan, China
13,241,513 ½D22
13,642,813 ¾E2 ½3
14,545,414 ½-3 ½-
15,348,015 ¼½4 ½8
15,448,415 ½J-
15,749,315 ¾½59
16,150,616L5 ½-
16,551,916 ½M612
16,953,216N6 ½13
17,454,517 ¼O714
17,855,817 ¾P7 ½15
18,558,218 ½-8 ½17
19,461,019 ½-9 ½19
20,263,520 ¼½10 ½22
20,765,020 ¾½1123
21,166,221-11 ½24
21,567,521 ¼Y1225
21,968,821 ¾Z12 1/526


Find out the size of the ring using thread.

The thread or any string should be firmly attached to the finger.

Check that the thread must no longer be removed and no longer placed on the finger, only then mark it and cut it.

Measure the length of the thread in millimeters, divide the result by 3.4.

Example: You measured your thread and got 62 millimeters.

Divide it by 3.4 you get the number 18.24, then you choose a ring, it will be 18 or 18.5 in size.

58 / 3.4 = 17.06 you choose a ring of size 18 or 17.

59 / 3.4 = 17.46 you choose a ring size 18 or 17.5.

60 / 3.4 = 17.65 you choose a ring size 18 or 17.5.


  • Remember, the wider the ring - the larger the size you will need. most common are 5 ... 7 mm wide rings.
  • The size of the finger varies with temperature and time of day. Heat and cold affect your body, and your finger size may increase or decrease accordingly. Also, in the evening your fingers tend to swell, so measuring at that time will make your ring larger. 

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