About Us

MB "Silver mission" core business - jewelry items made ​​of 925 sterling silver jewelry and articles of base metal - brass. Jewelry products from 925 fine silver, gold and jewelry products from non-ferrous metals - brass, copper, bronze.

We design, manufacture and sell silver, gold, bronze, copper and brass jewelery ourselves.

Each jewelry designed according to today's fashion trends, the human desire to bring beauty and comfortable wearing.

Jewellery are cloned in small quantities, modified natural stone that every woman a sense of extraordinary.

We offer unique jewelry products units, you have to choose one of our e-shop at jewelery range. We constantly update our portfolio by newly designed jewelery products.

Our jewelry made of brass does not oxidize (do not turn black).

All silver jewelry made of 925 sterling or 999 fineness, marked our responsibility mark, tested, and stamped in the Lithuanian state control mark Lithuanian Assay Office. License number for the business of precious metals and precious stones D-848-439.

Jewelry directly from the manufacturer in Druskininkai!

Best value for money!

If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to email mbsilvermission@gmail.com or call +370 65656361.

MB "Silver mission", company code 306049690.NTR object code: 1599-1000-6012:0026

Supervisory authority: State Enterprise "Lithuanian Assay Office". Registration in 2022 Druskininkai.

Address: LT-66196 Druskininkai, Gardino g. 31-28, Lithuania.

We collaborate with customers and wholesale basis.

We could send products to all cities in Lithuania and abroad!